Be professional if going to take action, JTA president tells members

by November 11th, 2017

President of the Jamaica Teachers Association Georgia Waugh Richards is imploring teachers that if they decide to take action about governments wage offer, they should do so in a professional manner.

Speaking at a JTA meeting in St. Thomas yesterday (Nov 10), Mrs. Waugh Richards reiterated that the islands teachers have rejected the 6 percent wage increase offered by government.

She says if the teachers had relented and accepted the offer, it would have only resulted in a slim difference in salary.

She notes that a trained teacher with a Bachelor’s degree in teacher education, would only get about $300 more, per month.

Some educators at the meeting in St. Thomas told the JTA President that there should be a lock down, or work to rule in schools across the country, to send government a strong message.

They complained about being unable to pay their rent, so they have to be hiding from landlords.

Having rejected the 6 percent offer, the JTA is in the process of hosting island wide consultation with the membership to determine the next move.