PopCaan, Drake collab FAKE

by April 18th, 2017

Did Canadian rapper Drake and PopCaan release a new song?

Well some social media users are gleaming with excitement after “My Chargie” an alleged collab featuring Drake and PopCaan hit the internet.

But is it authentic?

Well, research done by Music News shows that “My Chargie” featuring Drake and PopCaan is a fake. Music News understands that the lyrics were taken from Drake’s “Come Closer” featuring Nigeria’s Wiz Kid and spliced with PopCaan’s voice to fool the masses.

Neither Drake nor PopCaan have acknowledged the song.

In relating news, last week Nigerians blasted Drake for his nonappearance in the video for “Come Closer.” They however praised Wiz Kid for a great video.

Meanwhile, some Jamaicans continue to question Drake’s friendship with PopCaan, stating that they are yet to see the dancehall deejay get a proper feature.