Police say crime in St James due to gang conflicts and lottery scam

by March 20th, 2017

As thugs continue to wreak havoc in St James, the police are attributing the number of shootings to gang conflicts, and the illicit lottery scam.

Close to 50 people have been murdered since the start of the year in the parish.

Well over two hundred murders were recorded for 2016.

Operations Officer for St James, Deputy Superintendent Gary McKenzie, says the police are facing a challenge, as the ill-gotten gains from the lottery scam, are being used, to acquire guns.

He says, the police have seized 25 illegal firearms, so far.

In the meantime, DSP McKenzie says, despite a slight reduction in murders in comparison to the same period last year, the police are still concerned.

He says the police are seeing a migration or inter-changing of criminals.