Police high command refutes claim of rift with Indecom

by July 14th, 2017

The police high command is denying claims that there is a rift between the Independent Commission of Investigations (Indecom) and the Jamaica Constabulary Force, over the impending arrest of 19 members of the force.

The high command has confirmed, that it was informed by Indecom that it intends to arrest and charge 15 members of the JCF for various breaches of the law.

A statement from the Constabulary Communications Unit, says the other four members are still being processed and the high command is awaiting additional information from Indecom.

The members of the force having been advised of Indecom’s intention have since filed a leave application in the Supreme Court for judicial review.

Section 24 of the Indecom Act makes provision for members of the JCF to exercise such rights.

They are awaiting the hearing, which is set for November in the Supreme Court.

The JCF is also declaring as false, statements made which suggest that the Attorney General will be meeting with the parties to discuss the issue.

According to CCU, there is a scheduled meeting with the Attorney General, however, it has absolutely nothing to do with the case involving the fifteen members.

The high command says it has no choice but to allow members to exercise their rights under the law and await the legal guidance and directive of the Supreme Court.

The high command says it respects the rights of every citizen to include members of the JCF and will await the guidance and directive of the court.