PNP Touring Mount Salem St James

by September 13th, 2017

The opposition People’s National Party (PNP) is to conduct a tour of the zone of special operations (ZOSO) in Mount Salem and its environs this morning.

IRIE FM NEWS understands that a team of party officials led by opposition spokesman on national security Peter Bunting will commence a tour of the zone starting at 11 o’clock.

The touring delegation include general secretary of the party, julian Robinson, vice president Dr Angela Brown-Burke and councillor for the Mount Salem municipal division Kerry Thomas.

Today’s tour by the opposition comes a day after Prime Minister Andrew Holiness told parliament that the first declared zone of special operations on September 1, is legal and that the social intervention by way of a community service fair have borne fruit.

The move to declare the first ZOSO in the St James community has been criticized by many who say there are other areas across the island with bigger crime problems than Mount Salem.