Paulwell Comments on Late Start of Constituency Debate

by October 11th, 2017

Member of Parliament for Kingston East and Port Royal Phillip Paulwell has warned that parliament runs the risk of breaching the standing orders due to the late start of the constituency debate.

In opening the debate yesterday, Mr Paulwell expressed disappointment with the manner in which parliament is treating the constituency debate.

He stressed that the main purpose of members of parliament is to represent the views and interest of constituents, and that the constituency debate is the ideal platform for that.

Mr Paulwell noted that the standing orders stipulate that the constituency debate should have started in September and end in October.

With yesterday’s late start however, the debate will run into November.


Mr Paulwell said the September to October timing was set so that parliamentarians could make presentations and influence the budget.


Member of Parliament for Kingston East and Port Royal, Phillip Paulwell