NMIA Undertakes Measures to Address Possible Mosquito Infestation Outside Airport

by September 12th, 2017

The Norman Manley International Airport, NMIA, has been undertaking measures to address a possible mosquito infestation outside the location and its environs.

This comes after several passengers complained upon leaving the airport, especially in the early mornings, that it is unbearable to wait outside the airport, due to a severe mosquito nuisance.

Speaking during an interview with IRIE FM News, a man who works outside the airport says it is a regular occurrence to see passengers especially in the early mornings fanning away mosquitoes.


In the meantime, Senior Director of Commercial Development and Planning at the Airport, Alfred Mcdonald says the Health Ministry has been doing fogging in the area.


Mr McDonald says other steps are being taken by the airport officials to eradicate breeding sites.

He adds that despite concerns that fogging is not an effective method to deal with the problem, there have been results.


Senior Director of Commercial Development and Planning at the Norman Manley International Airport, Alfred Mcdonald.

When contacted, the health ministry said an investigation into the reports of a possible increase in the mosquito population in the corporate area and its environs will be conducted.