NIA calls on citizens to hold Govt agencies accountable

by July 9th, 2017

Deputy Executive Director of the National Integrity Action Dr. Patrece Charles Freeman says citizens should develop the practice of monitoring and reporting how service standards are upheld.

Speaking at a town hall meeting in Clarendon recently, Dr. Charles Freeman noted that one such project that citizens should pay attention to, is the way in which the nation’s roadways are repaired.

She says it’s a recurring issue that after a section of a pavement is repaired, and it rains, the material is washed away, because the work was poorly done.

Dr. Charles Freeman says Jamaicans need to participate in conducting social audits so that institutions, in this case the National Works Agency, are held accountable.

She adds that as a nation, all must take a stand to ensure that tax payers’ monies are not wastefully spent, as this is a recurring problem.

Dr. Charles Freeman notes that currently sub-contractors are responsible for submitting reports on quality control of their own jobs, and in the auditor general December 2015 performance audit report, it stated that 36 subcontractors submitted false quality control reports.

She says every Jamaican has a responsibility to do the right thing in order for the country to grow, and be rid of corruption.