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PNP apologises for missing green from flag replica

Posted: April 12, 2012

The Governing People's National Party (PNP) has apologized for the treatment of the replica of an incomplete Jamaican flag, used as a backdrop, at the swearing-in ceremony, for Local Government representatives in Montego Bay, St. James.

Yesterday, the Opposition JLP blamed the governing PNP, for what it described as the vulgar politicizing of civic events, and national symbols, including the flag.

Chairman of the PNP Robert Pickersgill, issued a statement this afternoon (April 12), condemning the apparent misuse of the colours of the Jamaican flag.

The backdrop consisted of a black background over laid with the gold saltire, which has come to symbolize the Jamaica flag.

PNP Chairman Robert Pickersgill says the party has held the Jamaican flag in high esteem as a symbol of dignity achievement and the independent of the country.

Mr. Pickersgill has welcomed the decision by Mayor of Montego Bay Glendon Harris to probe the incident and to take action.

The PNP has also called on all Mayors and Councillors to ensure that all civic functions are organized in keeping with necessary protocols.

These include ridding these functions of any semblance of what Mr. Pickersgill describes as partisan behaviour.

The PNP has come in for flak from Opposition Leader Andrew Holness for what he has described as political cronyism and poor behavior meted out to Jamaica Labour Party supporters at recent civic ceremonies.

Meanwhile, the St. James Parish Council is to be refunded the money, spent on the controversial backdrop, used at the swearing-in ceremony, for the councillors.

The upper and lower triangles of green, were absent from a backdrop, containing the gold saltire, on a black background.

This set-off a firestorm of complaints and criticisms, from members of civic society, and the Opposition Jamaica Labour Party, over the perceived disrespect to the national symbols.

During today's (April 12) sitting of the St. James Parish Council, the first since the March 26 Local Government polls, Chairman Glendon Harris the contractor will be refunding the money spent to do the backdrop.

Harris, who is also Mayor of Montego Bay, told today's sitting of the Council that no representatives of the council had given any permission for the colour to be omitted.

The council Chairman said there was no deliberate ploy to omit the green from the backdrop, despite pronouncements of politicking by the Jamaica Labour Party, which uses green as its colour.

He notes that the $30,000 charged for the decor will be remitted back to the coffers of the Council.

In the meantime, the contractor, Denton Edwards, has stated that he will be issuing a statement by the end of the week to explain the foul up.




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