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JTA rejects government s proposal of wage freeze

Posted: March 28, 2012

As the government prepares what is expected to be a tight budget a major public sector group is rejecting a proposal, to freeze the salaries of teachers.

The 2,000 strong Jamaica Teachers Association (JTA) says it will not accept a wage freeze.

The 2012 /2013 budget is expected to see government spending for salaries and benefits under constraints, proposed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

JTA President Paul Adams told teachers today (March 28) that the association is to continue talks tomorrow.

He explains that the Association has already presented the government with the 2012/2014 claim that was also  presented to the former JLP Administration.

Mr. Adams says that for teachers to consider a wage freeze would be suicide.

He told cheering teachers at a JTA investment seminar in Port Maria this morning that a wage freeze was contrary to the nature, scope, practice, and existence of the JTA.

According to him, the association would not voluntarily commit suicide.

Mr. Adams states that negotiations are to continue tomorrow with the Public Sector Monitoring Committee.

The President of the JTA says the Association's General Council rejected the wage freeze proposal from the government at a meeting held last Saturday.

Mr. Adams also set out some of the previously agreed payment schedule on the 7 %, which was agreed last year.

He says the next payment will be made in May and another in October.

The President also pointed out that payments due to teachers from the reclassification of 2007 / 2008 are also to be paid this year.

One payment of a little more than a quarter of the amount is to be made in July this year.



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