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EOJ says it is able to host both elections on the same day

Posted: March 29, 2012

The Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) has indicated that its systems would be able to manage both the General and Local Government elections on the same day.

Director of Elections Orette Fisher, however, stated that the decision to have both elections on the same day rests with legislators.

Although the issue of having both elections at the same time is a long standing one, it has been raised recently, with commentators suggesting it would save the country significant money and time.

Those who argue against holding the 2 elections at the same time, say people might spend a longer time at the polling booths, forcing them to open later and also that it may be cumbersome to manage.

Mr. Fisher says the EOJ machinery could handle voting for Councillors and MP’s at one and the same time, but the country's law makers would have to decide on that and also adjust the election cycle.

This as under the current cycle, general elections are held every 5 years, while local government elections should be held every 3 years.

Mr. Fisher says if both elections are held at the same time, it would result in significant cost savings for the country.

The Director of Elections pointed out that the budget for the recently held General Elections was $1.5 b, while the Local Government polls had a cost of $900 m or just under $1 b.

Mr. Fisher was speaking yesterday (March 28) at the Rotary Club  of Falmouth's Special 10th  Anniversary Luncheon held at Glistening Waters Restaurant and Marina, in Falmouth Trelawny.


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