NCRA Says No Contaminants In Curry Associated With Oriental Packing

by January 7th, 2017

The National Compliance Regulatory Authority (NCRA) says there is no indication that brands of curry associated with oriental packing are for sale in Jamaica.

The company says this was concluded from the inspections carried out after concerns were raised that these brands of curry contained contaminants.

In addition, the NCRA the former regulatory division of the Bureau of Standards Jamaica says there is no evidence, so far, that oriental packing is a local manufacturer or distributor.

The NCRA says it did random sampling of curry powder from local producers based on information received about the recall in august 2016.

It says these samples were tested by the Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ) against the Jamaican standard specification for spices and sauces which includes testing for lead and other heavy metals.

The regulated authority says the tests results were within specification and no anomalies existed.
The NCRA the BSJ the Consumers Affairs Commission (CAC) and the Ministry of Health (MOH) are to continue to collaborate on the investigation into this matter to protect the health and safety of the consuming public.