Muslim Cleric Abdullah El Faisal Denied Bail

by September 12th, 2017

Parish Judge Broderick Smith has turned down a bail application for Muslim Cleric Abdullah El Faisal who is wanted in the U-S to face terrorism related charges.

He is to return to the St Andrew Parish Court on October 27.

The judge turned down the bail application on the basis that Al-Faisal could be a flight risk.

Queen’s Counsel K D Knight who is representing El-Faisal says he will be appealing the refusal of the bail application.

Knight argued that El-Faisal says he is innocent and believes that what is happening to him was due to people’s misunderstanding of his Islamic faith.

El-Faisal, a Jamaican by birth was arrested last month following accusations by the U-S government that he is involved in recruiting persons to join international terrorist group ISIS.

In January 2010, El-Faisal was deported from Kenya to Jamaica.

He was expelled from Britain in 2007 after serving a sentence for inciting racial hatred.