Municipal Corporations are under-resourced-Major Clive Davis

by July 9th, 2017

Director General of the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management ODPEM Major Clive Davis says Municipal Corporations are under-resourced, resulting in poor disaster risk management in some parishes.

He explains that the Disaster Risk Management Act 2015 has placed a heavy burden on the parishes, as they are the central disaster risk management agencies.

He states that the tasks given are resulting in gaps in how parishes are being managed.


He explains that the location of some buildings is the main contributor of flooding in communities.


Major Davis says there is another example in Portmore where there are buildings erected along the Dyke Road, which was built for the purpose of preventing the Rio Cobre from over flowing its banks.


Major Davis says more care has to be taken by municipal corporations in where buildings are being constructed, in an effort to effectively mitigate natural disasters.