Mt Salem community council refutes report of 12 gangs in community

by September 6th, 2017

The Mt. Salem Community Development Council, says while there are criminal gangs operating in the police area, for which Mt. Salem police station has responsibility, there are no gangs in the Mt. Salem district.

The Mt. Salem Community Development Council is the composition of all organisations in the community, such as neighbourhood watches, youth clubs, citizens groups, and women’s groups, among others.

These are combined into one umbrella group, to discuss development issues, make plans, and advocate for positive changes, within the community.

Chairperson of the Community Development Council, Winsome Barnes, is refuting the police’s claim, that there are 12 gangs operating in the community of Mt. Salem.

Ms. Barnes says, there are some violence producers in the community, among whom may be murderers, but there are no organized gangs.

She says the 12 gangs which the police are making reference to, are from neighbouring communities, such as rose heights.

And, the Chairman says the community of Mt. Salem, welcomes the admission of error by the National Security Council, as it relates to the number of murders committed in the area, since the start of the year.

Yesterday, the National Security Council confirmed, that there was an error made in citing 54 murders, committed in Mt. Salem, since the start of the year.

The erroneous murder figure of 54 was given at the press conference last week, to announce the first zone of special operations.

In an interview with Irie FM News today, Ms. Barnes says, despite the statistical error, which influenced the decision to declare the ZOSO for Mt. Salem, the community still expects, to benefit from the social intervention aspect of the initiative.

Deputy Chairman of the Social Intervention Committee under the zones of special operations, Omar Sweeny, is expected to host a community services fair, this weekend.

The fair should offer various services, to include civil registration, health and social protection, employment opportunities, and skills training.

Ms. Barnes wants the government to go further with the programme, by improving the road network in the community, as well as, removing zinc fences and shacks.