More rain this weekend

by May 19th, 2017

More rains are in the forecast for this weekend, even as the country tries to recover from the onslaught of the persistent down-pour.

The Met Service says, showers and thunderstorms, which may be heavy at times, are expected to continue affecting sections of most parishes into Sunday.

Hence, the flash flood watch for low-lying and flood-prone areas of all parishes will continue, until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow.

The Met Service says, as the trough persists, in the vicinity of Jamaica, weather conditions across the island will remain unstable.

Satellite imagery and radar reports indicated that light to moderate showers affected sections of most parishes throughout the day.

Flash flooding is therefore still possible over some low-lying and flood-prone areas of Jamaica.

A flash flood watch means that flash flooding is possible and residents are advised to take precautionary measures.

Meantime, at least 150 National Water Commission (NWC) systems had to be shut-down, due to the impact of torrential rains, and turbidity.

The NWC is warning that new disruptions may yet occur, especially if the rains continue.

It says, despite lingering challenges in many areas, crews are  work to restore many water supply and waste-water systems, that have been forced out of operation by issues relating to heavy rains.

The agency says restoration efforts are being hampered by continued rainfall in some areas, with many rivers still being in spate and turbid.

Additionally, some areas remain inaccessible; and power supply continues to be unstable.

The NWC says in a few instances, systems that were previously functional, have now gone out of operation.

It says, based on the latest reports from the field, just about 50 of NWC water systems, or parts thereof, are still out of operation.

However, about 150 of the commission’s 460 systems had to be shut down, at least, for some time, in the immediate aftermath of the torrential rains.