Marcus Garvey Monumental Movement to meet with UWI Monday

by July 2nd, 2017

The Marcus Garvey Monumental Movement is to meet representatives from the University of the West Indies tomorrow (June 3), to discuss the removal of the bust of Marcus Garvey.

A new bust is to be erected, and on Friday  Dean Of The Faculty Of Humanities And Education at the UWI, Professor Waibinte Wariboko said a full preliminary inspection will be done by mid-July, To determine if the replacement bust of Marcus Garvey is acceptable.

Irie Fm’s Running African forum hosted by Kabu Ma’at Kheru, which has been lobbying for the bust to come down, continued the call this morning with guests including Tekla Mek-Fet and Yasus Afari.

Among the issues discussed was the credibility of the university.

Speaking this morning, Kwahme Peanki says the Marcus Garvey Institute is a matter to be discussed.