Lightning strike disrupts operations at air traffic control

by September 8th, 2017

Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority Nari Williams Singh says engineers are in the process of restoring service to the radar communications system.

This after the Kingston Air Traffic Centre was reportedly hit by a lightning strike.

It’s not clear, the extent of the damage.

Meantime, Senior Director of Commercial Development and Planning at the Norman Manley International Airport Alfred McDonald says the airport is operating as normal.

It was not affected by the lightning strike, or the loss of radar communications at the air traffic centre.



And, in an update from the Civil Aviation Authority, the flights are being hampered after the air traffic control facility at the Kingston Air Traffic Control centre was affected by a lightning strike.

The strike occurred during the inclement weather experienced in the corporate area this afternoon.

As a result of this occurrence, the provision of air traffic services has been affected and the situation is impacting incoming and outgoing flights to the island, as well as flights traversing airspace.

All efforts are underway to restore functionality in the shortest possible time.

Air operators and other stakeholders have been so advised.