Legal action being pursued in wake of Oscar Pistorius movie

by November 13th, 2017

Oscar Pistorius’ family and the family of the late Reeva Steenkamp are considering legal action over a new lifetime film which has recaptured the murder of Steenkamp by Pistorius.

The lifetime tv movie chronicled the events that led up to the former Paralympian Pistorius shooting his girlfriend Steenkamp dead on Valentine’s day back in 2013 claiming he mistook her for an intruder.  The movie entitled the ‘blade runner killer’, also focuses on the trial of the disgraced Paralympian who is currently serving a six-year sentence for shooting.

Steenkamp’s family has also been left horrified based on a report which stated that the movie is told from Steenkamp’s mother’s perspective .

In the meantime, Oscar’s brother Carl Pistorius said ………..‘neither Oscar, the defense or the family were involved in the production of this “film” in any way, adding that the film is not a true reflection of what happened on the day of the tragedy and the subsequent trial.