Lack of action in Security Ministry-Bunting

by April 19th, 2017

Opposition Spokesperson on National Security Peter Bunting says there is a lack of action in the Security Ministry.

He states that Minister of National Security Robert Montague has made numerous announcements but many of them are yet to come to fruition.

Mr. Bunting notes that without implementation there will be no result and the crime problem will only escalate.


Speaking in Parliament yesterday Mr. Bunting stated that there are too many broken promises coming out of the Security Ministry.

He stated that issues such as inmates being dressed in brightly coloured suits, being electronically monitored as they work in the communities and more mobile police stations being rolled out are yet to be implemented.

He says there are other promises that are still to bear fruit.


Mr. Bunting adds that among the measures that need to be urgently implemented are a 21st century management information system; an investment in technology and modern facilities, and more personnel and new vehicles.