KSAMC begins talks about replacing Golden Bridge in Stony Hill

by February 18th, 2019

The Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation has begun discussions with other entities, including the National Works Agency, about efforts to replace the compromised Golden Bridge in Stony Hill.

A crack appeared across the road yesterday (February 17) after a truck attempted to cross. The incident also resulted in broken National Water Commission, NWC, water mains that were under the bridge.

The bridge has been closed to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Mayor of Kingston Delroy Williams, along with the corporations civil engineers, as well as representatives from the NWC and the NWA, visited the site today to conduct assessments.

The team also met with residents to come up with suggestions for an alternative path.

It was noted that residents could access the community, by foot, via another route close by.

Mayor Williams says the NWA and the civil engineers are examining proposals to replace the bridge.

He explained that a temporary bailey bridge is not being considered.

In the meantime, the National Water Commission, NWC, has begun repair work on the pipeline, under the Golden Bridge in Stony Hill St. Andrew, that was broken after the bridge was compromised.

Teams from the NWC, and the National Works Agency, NWA, as well as from the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation visited the site today (February 18).

Mayor of Kingston Delroy Williams said the NWC has already sent out a truck to distribute water to affected customers in the community.

Earlier today, the NWC held an emergency meeting to discuss solutions to the problem created by the compromised bridge.

Two raw water mains, which supply the Seaview Water Treatment Plant, were broken.

The Seaview Water Treatment Plant, which is the fourth largest water treatment plant in the corporate area, has been shut-down.

This has resulted in hundreds of residents in Stony Hill, sections of Jacks Hill, Skyline and Mount Ogle, being without water.

Corporate Public Relations Manager at the NWC, Charles Buchanan said the commission is looking at what options may be possible to respond to the situation.

He said the situation poses a challenge to the commission, as parts of the areas served by the Seaview Plant, cannot be served by any other facility.