This is a Kangaroo Senate!- K.D. Knight makes outburst in Senate

by November 13th, 2017

Opposition Senator, K.D Knight has described today’s (Nov 13) sitting of the Senate as a ‘kangaroo senate’.

The comment follows an appeal by opposition senators for the days sitting to be adjourned in accordance with the standing orders.

Senators are at this hour, continuing their review of the National Identification and Registration Bill.

Senator Knight in calling for an adjournment of today’s sitting, referred to section 11, subjection 3 of the standing orders.

However that request was denied by President of the Senate, Tom Tavares Finson who took offence to Senator Knight’s remark.


President of the Senate, Tom Tavares Finson

Senator Knight later withdrew his comment, noting that it is not like him to use such words in the Senate.


Opposition Senator, K.D Knight.