JTA still awaiting response from Finance Ministry on wage increase negotiations

by June 19th, 2017

The Jamaica Teachers Association, JTA says it is disappointed, with the manner in which the government has decided to handle salary negotiations, for public sector teachers.

Deputy General Secretary of the JTA Dr. Mark Nicely, says it has been months since the association submitted its wage claim, and the government is yet to offer a formal response.

Speaking at the St. James Parish Association Meeting on Friday, Dr. Nicely said the JTA submitted its wage claims to the Ministry of Finance, on December 21 last year.

He said, the claim for wage increase and other fringe benefits, has being followed up with several letters and phone calls, but despite all those efforts, the  association still does not have a date, for the commencement of negotiations.


Dr. Nicely said, JTA President Howard Isaacs, will speak further on the issue in the coming days.

He said, the lack of response from government to begin negotiations, is an unprecedented situation.

He expressed hope that the government will move with some level of urgency in favour of the nation’s teachers.


Last week, Finance Minister, Audley Shaw told Irie Fm News, that cabinet had approved, the negotiation format, with which government will be seeking to arrive at an agreement with public sector workers through their unions.

Mr. Shaw said, the way was now clear, for negations to commence immediately, and should last for approximately three months.