JCF corrects Mt Salem figures

by September 8th, 2017

The Jamaica Constabulary Force has sought to clarify murder statistics presented, to justify the implementation of the first zone of special operation.

The zone was launched on Mt. Salem in St. James, as of September 1.

Following the announced murder figures, residents of the area disputed the 54 murders presented by the High Command, which resulted in an emergency meeting of the National Security Council.

The council then admitted that the figure was incorrect.

In a release this afternoon, the police say in the Mt. Salem zone there were 4 murders and 11 shootings in 2015, 9 murders and 10 shootings in 2016, and 7 murders and 8 shootings, since January 2017.

It says, the original report of the JCF concentrated on violence in the police district, which includes the declared area along with other communities with the violence situation in the police area showing figures for 2014 – 20 murders and 26 shootings, for 2015 – 35 murders and 35 shootings for 2016 – 39 murders and 46 shootings for 2017 – 27 murders and 27 shootings as of July 07.