Ishawna dropped by management

by July 14th, 2017

Dancehall deejay Ishawna continues to spiral downwards.

Just days after receiving heavy backlash for disrespecting Jamaica’s cultural icon Miss Lou on social media, Ishawna has been dropped by her management.

In a statement received by Music News, Donsome Booking Agency and Adrian Donsome Hanson say it no longer manages the dancehall deejay.

The press release further states that bookings prior July 7, 2017, will be honoured.

Meanwhile, Ishawna also confirmed the separation via Instagram by informing promoters of her new booking information.

However, there was no mention of what caused the split. So could it be Ishawna’s controversial IG post stating “mi nuh dress inna tablecloth like Miss Lou”..?

Well, that post had social media in a frenzy with many demanding that the dancehall deejay issue a public apology for disrespecting our cultural icon while less than a handful have come to her defense questioning what we know as the Jamaican bandana. Some see it as a symbol of slavery and enslavement. While others are now just questioning the story behind the bandana.

Entertainer Tanya Stephens has also defended Ishawna urging the naysayers to post a throwback pic of when they last dressed like Miss Lou or uploaded a video of them reciting one of her poems.

Meanwhile, efforts by Music News to get a comment from Ishawna were futile.

The controversial female deejay has once again sparked an all-island debate. Months ago she had men and women arguing after the release of “Equal Rights” which urged men to indulge in oral activity.

  • Dalton Brown

    Ishawna, and Tanya Stephens are in the same boat, both dont dont know their culture and history, and both looking a hype off the cultral icon Mis Lou,

    • Levar Armstrong

      Can you recite any 3 of miss lou poem ??? I bet you can’t even yet people like you posing af talking about who don’t know culture lol

      • DenDen2010

        Not being able to recite a poem doesn’t mean a person is culturally ignorant or unaware.

      • Janet ‘Tenaj’ Cousley

        Kibba yuh mouth

  • TheTrueforeigner

    When illiterate women run dancehall of course they only would see a tablecloth – god forbid they see any substance