Irma passes Cuba and The Bahamas

by September 8th, 2017

Hurricane Irma lashed Cuba and the Bahamas today, as it roars toward Florida in the United States.

The catastrophic storm, now a category four, battered several islands in the eastern Caribbean, leaving a trail of destruction.

There are conflicting reports as to the death toll associated with hurricane Irma, with some international media reporting 18 deaths, while others have put the figure at 25.

Irma is expected to hit Florida on Sunday, and Governor Rick Scott has warned residents to get out if they were in evacuation zones.

Hundreds of tourists have already been evacuated from Cuba.

The Leeward Islands are bracing for another hit, as powerful category 4 Jose, bears down on Barbuda.

Meantime, a category five hurricane was expected to be devastating, but the level of devastation spread throughout the territory of the British Virgin Islands, spells despair and disbelief.

People have died, but the government is yet to release the official number.

Horace Mills is on the main land of Tortola, where he experienced hurricane Irma roaring through the British territory.

And, the entire population of Barbuda, the small Caribbean island devastated by hurricane Irma, has been evacuated as a second powerful storm hurricane Jose, is expected to hit the region tomorrow.

Now, Jamaicans in Florida, like millions of others are bracing for hurricane Irma and what is expected to be a devastating next few days.

Many of those who are not leaving the state are spending the last few hours ahead of Irma, to prepare as best as possible for this major hurricane.

Irie FM’s Natalie Campbell is in Florida.