Hurricane Irma claims 3 lives

by September 6th, 2017

There are reports that at least two people have died, and two others have been seriously injured in the French islands of St. Barts and St. Martin, following the passage of hurricane irma.

According to the Associated Press, the strongest Atlantic Ocean hurricane ever measured, destroyed homes and flooded streets across a chain of small islands in the northern Caribbean, passing directly over Barbuda, and leaving the island of some 1,700 people, not being able to communicate.

France sent emergency food, and water rations to the French islands of Saint Martin and Saint Barts, where Irma ripped-off roofs and knocked-out all electricity.

Dutch marines, who flew to three Dutch islands hammered by Irma, reported extensive damage.

In the meantime, Puerto Rico is preparing for the worst.

Puerto Rico’s public power company director warned that some areas could be without power from four to six months, because the infrastructure has already deteriorated, so badly.

Outages were reported in some neighbourhoods, well ahead of the storm, with more than 285 thousand homes without power, and nearly 4,500 people without water by mid-afternoon, today.

Nearly one thousand people were in shelters along with more than 100 pets.

And, at least one person has been killed in Barbuda, which was ravaged by hurricane Irma.

The eye of the category five storm passed over the island last night, damaging 90 percent of the housing stock.

Monserat, St. Kitts and Nevis, and Antigua, were spared the onslaught of the storm, as they were south of the eye, and south of the most destructive section of the storm.

Executive Director of the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) Ronald Jackson says Antigua will be lending support to other islands to include the British Virgin Islands.

Additionally, he says preliminary reports out of Anguilla are that critical facilities have been impacted, to include the hospitals, police station, three of four emergency shelters, utilities and a home for the elderly and infirmed.

Mr. Jackson says extensive damage is expected in Tortola which was caught in the eye of hurricane Irma.

He says word has not yet come from the British Virgin Islands.

He says the Bahamas has already started evacuation of a number of islands.

Five flights moved persons from some of the islands today.

He says teams from Jamaica are on stand-by, to assist if required.

Meantime,  some Jamaicans in Florida, United Sates are facing challenges as several stores run-out of supplies, ahead of approaching hurricane Irma.

Its countdown to Irma, as the people in Florida brace for this major storm.

Preparation is in high gear, for the category five hurricane, expected to impact Florida, starting Friday evening.