Hanover Residents Protest Abduction of Cashier after Gunmen Murdered Employer

by January 11th, 2017

The search continues for a Hanover woman who was abducted last evening (Monday January 9).

Her employer 36-year-old Marvin McIntosh was shot dead by gunmen in the incident in Prospect district.

The woman, Tasha Gordon a cashier was allegedly taken some time after 8:00 p.m.

Residents searched desperately for Gordon, but she has not been found. The police have been assisting with the search.

Meanwhile, community members protested today over the abduction and were joined by residents from Caudwell. Several roadways into the community were blocked.

A relative of the missing cashier says the residents continued their search of forest areas, cane fields and caves today.

She says at one point there was a false alarm that the body was found.

The relative says she does not know why this would happen to the cashier and store manager who she described as good people.

A relative of abducted cashier Tasha Gordon.

She said nothing was robbed from the victims. Some cash and a cell phone were found in the search for the cashier.

  • Strawberry

    The community where Tasha is from is spelled Cauldwell, Hanover. It is very close to Prospect. Praying they find Tasha alive and safe. R.I.P. Marvin