Funds to be reallocated to deal with infrastructural damage

by May 18th, 2017

Prime Minister, Andrew Holness says, funds will have to be reallocated and the budget recast, as the government moves to deal with millions of dollars in damage caused by flood rains this week.

Mr Holness, who toured communities damaged by flood rains yesterday, said the damage was substantial.

A final estimate is not yet in, but already some $246 million has been allocated, to deal with the effects of recent heavy rains.

The prime minister states, that there are budgetary provisions for such events, but not of this magnitude.


He said, the emphasis now, is on getting people back on their feet.

He also commended community members, who came together to help each other during this disaster.

Mr Holness was asked about the frequency and intensity of extraordinary weather events in recent times.

He said climate change, has led to this development.

The prime minister says, this is an issue about which Jamaicans must be educated.