Frankie Paul’s family seeks financial help

by May 15th, 2017

The family of veteran entertainer Frankie Paul is seeking financial help for the singer.

Frankie Paul has been admitted to the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI), Mona since April 2017.

According to his sister, Tish Clarke, Frankie has a hospital bill of $1.4 million in outstanding payments.

In a video posted on Youtube, Wayne Lonesome and Frankie’s sister, Tisha in their request to seek financial assistance had this to say.

Music News understands that Frankie Paul’s body is currently swollen because of malfunctioning kidneys.

As a result, the singer has been prescribed dialysis treatments twice weekly at a cost of $20,000 per treatment. Meanwhile the cost for the Intensive Care Unit is approximately $60,000.


  • Anna Fisher

    Rest In Power, Frankie Dancehall Paul. Thank you, IRIEFM, I only wish those who have profited from his music, most notably the labels would come forth in his memory. His Ghanian family will also wish to tribute he and his inspiring and courageous life. He was a legend, I was blessed to have performed and toured with him on multiple occasions. What a powerful voice with nothing but love in his songs doing his utmost best to bring us the messages of love and peace in an operatic Reggae Style. He played a few instruments as well and rocked on the drums! You will be missed and your songs and bold and thoughtful spirit cherished foriver, Jah Bless. I Know The Score, Casanova. Working up your next performance for your mentors tonight in Zion. Blessed love, give thanks! You brought us happiness in dark times, you’d seen darkness and wished for none for others. You had so much respect for your musicians and remained a Beacon of Hope for those coming up with disabilities. Your last years were rough and additionally your allies began lying about you and claiming your work as theirs. Thank you for making the youtube video to set the record straight about some of your songwriting credits. My deepest condolences to his sister and his Reggae Music Family.