Frankie Paul dies at 51

by May 19th, 2017

Tributes pour into IRIE FM following the death of legendary singer, Frankie Paul.

Music News understands that the singer, born Paul Blake, died at the University hospital of the West Indies on Thursday night after a battle with kidney disease. He was 51.

IRIE FM’s veteran Broadcaster Bob Clarke says Frankie Paul’s contribution to the entertainment industry is immeasurable.

Meanwhile, Mr. Vegas and Tanto Metro are some of the entertainers who have sent messages of condolence via social media.

On Instagram Tanto Metro wrote: “Thank you for your musical contribution that you have entertain us with; throughout your lifetime you left a legacy of hits that we will always be singing R.I.P my friend.”

While Mr Vegas wrote: “Another Great silenced!! R.I.P Frankie Paul!!”

Frankie Paul rose to prominence during the 1980s with songs such as Sarah, Worries in the Dance and I Know The Score.

Last week, Frankie Paul’s family was seeking financial assistance for the singer who had been in the hospital since April of this year.

The singer’s last interview with IRIE FM was during the E-Buzz on October 5, 2016 with Dj Bones and Kshema Francis. At the time, Frankie Paul spoke about a charity concert to raise funds for his prosthetic leg and his illness.

Frankie Paul’s last recording was titled “Alive and Well.”