EOJ corroborates PNP claim that Alexis was properly nominated

by October 12th, 2017

The Electoral Office of Jamaica says People’s National Party candidate Dr. Shane Alexis was properly nominated as a candidate for the South East St. Mary by election.

There has been major public discourse about whether or not Dr. Alexis, who was born in Canada and who does not have Jamaican citizenship, should be allowed to run in the election and sit in parliament.

The PNP this week revealed that Dr. Alexis place of birth does not exclude him from running for political office.

This as the Jamaican constitution allows for persons born in commonwealth countries to be members of parliament. Canada is a commonwealth country.

Yesterday, reports surfaced that Dr. Alexis was the holder of a Grenadian passport.

The PNP says Dr. Alexis’ mother is a Grenadian and she got him a passport.

Dr. Alexis stopped using it in 2008 and it expired in 2012. The passport was not renewed.

Dr. Alexis has also indicated that he does not have citizenship in Grenada.

The Electoral Office says Grenada is a commonwealth country.

As such, if a person has a passport from a commonwealth country, it does not hinder their eligibility to become a member of parliament in Jamaica.

Meanwhile, the PNP yesterday also announced that Dr. Alexis will formalize his Jamaican citizenship immediately.