Edi Fitzroy’s divided family agrees on final resting

by March 20th, 2017

The family of late reggae veteran Edi Fitzroy has agreed on a final resting place for the singer.

As previously reported, family members were torn between what was Edi Fitzroy’s last wish to be buried next to his son on a family plot in Suttons Street in Chapelton, while others wanted to put him at the Dovecot Memorial Park.

According to Edi Fitzroy’s eldest daughter, Ann-Marie Edwards, the singer will be laid to rest on Sunday, March 26 with a funeral service slated for 1pm at the Tent City Seventh Day Adventist Church at 1B Grange Lane, Portmore. The interment will follow at the Dovecot Memorial Park.

Edi Fitzroy died on Saturday, March 4 in the May Pen Hospital. He was 61-years-old.

He was best known for songs such as “Check for you Once”, “Youthman Penitentiary”, “First Class Citizen” and “Princess Black” among others.