Damaged roadways in Portland being addressed

by March 19th, 2017

Work teams from the National Works Agency NWA are working to restore full vehicular access, to the Seaman’s Valley to Moore Town roadway in Portland.

Several residents in the Moore Town area were marooned as a result of a massive landslide, which left a section of the roadway impassable yesterday.

Speaking with Irie Fm News, Member for Parliament for Eastern Portland Dr. Lynvale Bloomfield, states that although there is single lane access, massive boulders are still along the roadway.

He says work will be done to remove the boulders.


In the meantime, Dr. Bloomfield says the NWA and contractors have begun constructing a retaining wall along the break away at the West Retreat roadway in Port Antonio.

The roadway was undermined due to days of heavy rains.