Crime Stoppers International offers training on dismantling organised criminal networks

by July 5th, 2017

A five-day training programme is to begin tomorrow (July 6) aimed at dismantling  and disrupting  organized criminal networks, involved in illicit activities of contraband, smuggling and counterfeit goods.

The initiative to be undertaken by Crime Stoppers International (CSI) is to encourage reporting of illicit trade activity, and to enhance the capacity of the security forces, to detect and investigate intellectual property crimes and other related crime areas such as corruption and money laundering.

Chairman of the National Crime Prevention Fund, Major General Robert Neish, says Crime Stoppers International and Crime Stop Jamaica, will  work together to stop the inflow of guns into the country, and  stop illegally imported goods such as counterfeit cigarettes.

He adds that, international organised crime is one of the main causes of illicit trading into Jamaica.