Cop Freed of Manslaughter

by November 10th, 2017

A police constable has been freed of a manslaughter charge.

Constable Orlando Lamont was acquitted this morning by the Court of Appeal.

Constable Lamont was convicted of manslaughter after a second trial arising from the death of Everton Parchment along Spanish Town Road in St Andrew.

The policeman was found not guilty for murder at the first trial however the jury was unable to reach a decision on the charge of manslaughter.

The prosecution led evidence that Lamont discharged his firearm inside a car that was transporting several persons from a wedding in St Catherine, killing Parchment.

The Court of Appeal in its written judgement said it is clear that the circumstances “do not relate to inadequate evidence presented by the crown, but to omissions of the learned judge.”

It notes that Lamont has undergone the ordeal of two trials through no fault of his own. Even more significant is the fact that he has already served three quarters of the prison sentence imposed on him.

The Court of Appeal says “bearing those factors in mind, it believes it is not in the interest of justice that a new trial be ordered.