Chronixx to help build and refurbish schools

by November 7th, 2017

Roots and culture entertainer Chronixx has shared via social media his latest initiative geared at helping the future generation.

Chronixx shared with his over 457,000 followers on Instagram that he is a part of a group dedicated to building a school in Ghana. Additionally, the singer says the project includes a major undertaking which will see them refurbishing the Haile Selassie High School in Payneland, Kingston, Jamaica.

To get started, Chronixx and his friends intend to raise half a million pounds.

On a go fund me page created, the group has since raised

£12,266 which is just a little over 2 million Jamaican dollars, in two months, by 382 people. Of the set target, Jamaica will receive 250 pounds over three phases.

To support the cause go to