Chin accuses Gully Bop of abuse

by December 29th, 2015

“Enough is enough” says Gully Bop’s fiancée Shauna Chin after claiming the 50 year old dancehall deejay is abusive.

Earlier today Chin released a video via social media which shows her locked in a car acting frantic screaming and yelling “Bop a try kill mi people; him a mash up mi car… di man a get mad… mi a go straight a police station.”

An extremely angry looking Gully Bop was sighted walking around the car wearing red shoes, a black shorts and what appears to be a blood splattered white marina with.

Chin tells Music News that the squabble with Gully Bop occurred after the deejay packed two suitcases and went to Mandeville.


But is there an ounce of a chance for Shauna Chin and Gully Bop? According to Chin, Gully Bop will be sorry she is no longer his woman. Chin further explains that she wants to be away from dancehall deejay and accuses him of being abusive.

Social media went into a frenzy earlier today after Chin posted the saga online.

She has since filed a complaint with the police and threatened to get a restraining order.

Efforts by Music News to get a comment from Gully Bop were futile.


  • J. Sappleton

    This gal is real dangerous..smh

    • guest3

      You think?

  • Ragga muffin

    Stop give Bop bun!! A that cause the problem

  • guest3

    Tell Me,tell me that you love me/A mi she say she love/A mi she saw she want!!!!

  • guest3

    Chin has been mis handling gully bop business,and under mining the was contacted by people in the US about Vnitta.Glanville and Gully bop performing their collab,Tell ME live on the biggest.late night show starring Jimmy Fallon.It took Chin over.three weeks to respond to many attempts to contact her about Gullybop appearing with Vnitta on the Jimmy Fallon Show,even though Gully bop was touring in the US at the time,she,Chin deliberately did not inform Bop about the Jimmy Fallon promotion gig,with Vnitta Glanville.Jimmy Fallon has a nightly.audience of over 30 million viewers,and the track Tell Me would have mash up the place had bop and vnitta perform the track on Jimmy Fallon Show.