Children’s Advocate calls for better surveillance at hospitals

by January 10th, 2019

Children’s Advocate, Diahann Gordon-Harrison, is questioning the absence of surveillance systems in hospitals.


This, after two babies were stolen from hospitals, in less than a week.


The latest incident occurred at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston yesterday (January 9, 2019), where a new born baby boy was snatched, while his mother visited the bathroom.


Mrs. Gordon- Harrison says, the presence of cameras could assist in investigations.


She says such methods, should have been in-place.



Last Friday, a three-week old baby, was stolen from the parking lot of the Cornwall Regional hospital in St. James.


That child was recovered, days later.


Citing a possible trend, human trafficking, and delays in the adoption process, the Children’s Advocate is concerned about, why the babies were stolen.