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Carib Cement workers protest; prevent access to Logos Hope book ship
Up to news time, a meeting was still underway at Caribbean Cement Company in Kingston, following a protest by workers at the Rockfort
Trafigura case delayed
The judgement, which was expected today in the Trafigura matter was put off until a later date. The case involves a $31 m donation,
Indecom alarmed at hike in police fatal shootings
The Independent Commission of Investigations (Indecom), is expressing alarm at the increase in police fatal shootings for the first
Cocaine-laden Dolls Seized at Kingston Airport
A team from the Narcotics Division has launched a multi-level probe following the seizure of cocaine-laden dolls at a shipment
Flood victims get compassionate cheques
Some 444 households that were impacted by flood rains in April, have benefited from compassionate cheques from the Ministry of Labour
Carlos Hill freed
Former Cash Plus boss, Carlos Hill walked free today (May 24) after the case against him collapsed in the home circuit court. Hill was
Teenage Girl Among Three Arrested and Charged Following Firearm Seizure
A teen girl is among three people arrested and charged following the seizure of a firearm and several rounds of ammunition in Perline
Communities in Clarendon Still Cut Off After Heavy Rains
Recovery efforts in sections of Clarendon are moving at snail pace as some communities remain cut off as a result of two collapsed