Bunny Wailer and Josey Wales for National Honours

by August 8th, 2017

Entertainers Bunny Wailer and Josey Wales are among a list of Jamaicans set to receive national honours.

Bunny, the only living Wailer will be bestowed with the country’s third highest honour, the Order of Merit OM; for his outstanding contribution in the field of popular music.

Meanwhile, Joseph Alphonso “Josey Wales” Sterling is set to receive the order of distinction in the rank of officer OD for his significant contribution to the Jamaican Music Industry.

Other music practitioners set to receive national honours are Copeland Forbes, Clyde Mckenzie, Lloyd Standbury, Robert Russell and actor Carl Bradshaw.

Set to receive the order of distinction in the rank of officer OD are Carl Bradshaw for his outstanding contribution to Jamaica’s Film Industry and Copeland Forbes for outstanding contribution to the Development of Jamaican Music.

Clyde McKenzie and Lloyd Stanbury will get the Order of Distinction in the rank of Officer, OD. McKenzie for services to the creative industry, media and broadcasting in Jamaica and Standbury for service to the entertainment, music and media industries in Jamaica.

The National Honours and Awards is slated for October 16.