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Hanover police say triple killing was gang related
The Hanover police say they suspect that the killing of three persons and wounding of three others in the parish last night (Jan 18)
Hampton school board cannot force principal to go on leave
The board of the Hampton School in St. Elizabeth has written to Education Minister, Senator Ruel Reid, advising him, that it is not in
Runaway Bay businessman killed
Residents and business operators in Runaway Bay, St. Ann, are still in shock, following the murder of a businessman, Alfred Whorms,
Police & Customs to operate marine bases
The Jamaica Constabulary Force and the Jamaica Customs Agency will establish and operate marine bases, at three strategic locations,
US resume export of firearms to Jamaica
The United States has resumed the authorization process for firearm export to Jamaica. Last November, the US suspended the export of
Police rescue children after their dad sets house on fire
Four children and their parents were rescued by police from their burning home in Kingston, after the father set it ablaze. Police say
Montague defends Govt’s rejection of UK prison deal
National Security Minister, Robert Montague, has defended the government’s decision, to reject the United Kingdom’s offer
New guidelines for MID-P
The government has introduced new guidelines for the issuing of contracts under the Major Infrastructure Development Project (MID-P).