Another bridge collapses in Clarendon

by May 19th, 2017

A third bridge has collapsed in Clarendon, following the recent heavy rainfall.

Communications Manager at the National Works Agency (NWA) Stephen Shaw says he has received reports that the bridge which connects Sanguinetti to coffee piece has broken down.

He says a team has been sent to assess the situation.

In the meantime, Shaw notes that rain is affecting the agency’s ability to clear some blocked roadways.

However, he highlights that ninety percent of the roadways that were reported impassable earlier this week, have now been cleared.

He notes that the agency is assessing a section of the Manchioneal main road in Portland, which has been damaged by floodwaters, as heavy rains continue to affect the eastern parish.

The Vanity Fair to Tavern Hill roadway in St. Catherine remains impassable, so too the sports park to post road corridor, which was discovered blocked by landslides overnight.

Access to the town of Frankfield has been cut-off travelling from Trout Hall, Clarendon.