18 Cuban teachers in Jamaica

by August 29th, 2017

The Education Ministry has recruited 18 teachers from Cuba, as part of its drive to improve performances in Spanish and other subject areas.

Speaking at the Annual Orientation Exercise for the Cuban teachers today, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Dean- Roy Bernard says, teachers should not only interpret and assist with language, but strive to go beyond the classroom in their teaching by presenting good teaching skills.

He says, the incoming Cuban teachers should try and stand out above the rest and try to assist students in areas such as critical thinking.

Mr. Bernard says each child is different and   teachers should organise their delivery method when teaching, to suit each child.

Meantime, Chief Education Officer in the Ministry of Education Grace McLean says, when foreign languages are transferred and integrated into everyday life, it will be easier to understand and better manipulated.

The number of teachers recruited this year has decreased.

The recruited Cuban teachers will be staying a maximum of 4 years.  In previous years, they were only required to stay 2 years.

The Cuban teachers will teach various subject areas such as Spanish, Integrated Science, Physics and Mathematics.

Presently, there are 39 active teachers in the Jamaican education system from Cuba.

20 at the primary level, 17 at the secondary level, and 2 at the tertiary level.