More than 120,000 People Download Stay Alert App

by August 11th, 2017

The National Security Ministry says more than 120 thousand people have so far down-loaded the Stay Alert App.

National Security Minister Robert Montague is urging others to download the app to report criminal behavior.

Mr Montague explains that the Stay Alert App allows persons to anonymously report criminal acts so there’s no need to fear anyone finding out who made a report.

He adds that the importance of this app cannot be overstated.

The stay alert app offers four menu options: i-report, panic mode, the law and alerts.

The Ministry says more than 120 thousand people have downloaded the stay alert app, as a way of empowering themselves and have been supporting the police in the national crime prevention efforts.

The police have also started to send pictures and Descriptions of wanted men to the alerts section of the stay alert app.

The National Security Minister is urging persons to look at the profiles with a view to trying to identify criminals living in their communities.

Mr Montague says the government is leveraging the technology in all spheres in the relentless  fight against crime and violence.